Reverse Auctions

Pay less for energy by using our On-line Reverse Energy Auction platform.

In an on-line reverse auction, suppliers are invited to bid in a on-line auction in real-time. During the auction, suppliers compete against each other to win your business, driving down the price in the process. Because suppliers can see the price they are competing against, but not who they are competing with, they are much more aggressive in discounting. Once the sourcing event is over, the buyer has the information he or she needs to make an informed decision. Because suppliers submit multiple bids in response to pressure, they have more opportunities to earn a buyer’s business then in a closed format. Effectively driving down prices to new lows is what makes Smart Energy Brokers your one stop energy procurement specialist.

You will work closely with an experienced and highly knowledgeable energy procurement team as we realize and understand that energy procurement is highly specialized.

Auctions are held weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday and usually last 10 minutes. Custom reverse auction scheduling it available.

The online auction is completely transparent. The auction takes place in real time, enabling you to see bids as they happen and view the energy companies bidding.