Energy Procurement

Smart Energy Brokers are independent energy consults that offer an intelligent and innovative ways to purchase energy. We represent you, the client, not the energy suppliers. We provide our clients the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy costs, budget with certainty, and satisfy their energy requirements.

We provide procurement services for:

  • Electricity
  • Green Energy – Reduce your carbon footprint and create a positive public image.
  • Green power directly from the source
  • Demand Response

During the procurement process, our broker will do the following:

  • Analyze your current energy usage
  • Contact energy suppliers to obtain energy pricing
  • Analyze pricing and terms provided by energy suppliers
  • Take care of the necessary paperwork and oversee the transition to your new supplier

A copy of your most recent utility bill for all meters is all we need to find you a lower price. Contact Us to learn more about our energy procurement solutions.