Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce

Smart Energy Brokers offers pricing options to Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce members for electricity and natural gas to help you control your budget and strengthen your bottom line.

It's Your Choice

As a result of the energy deregulation in New Jersey, you’re free to choose your own electricity supplier. You can buy this service through your regulated local utility or through a certified retail electric.

The program is simple – your utility will stay the same and you will get price certainty you can count on.


  • Members are provided "fixed rate" pricing options (1, 2 or 3 year contracts) on your electricity and natural gas needs.
  • The ability to reduce and manage your electricity costs.

For a thorough price analysis, fax or email a complete copy of your most recent energy bill to John Waldrop from New Gretna.

Phone: (609) 294-8935
Fax: (609) 772-8922